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Smart Kids’s mathematics courses are designed for children in kindergarten 1-3. The courses cover intelligence in math, knowing numbers, entrance tests for grade 1 demonstration schools. We also build the strong foundations and have course for junior high school.

Our courses and textbooks are well prepared by experienced tutors specializing in entrance examinations.




English at Smart Kids begins with Phonics. We thoroughly teach English letters: consonant and vowels.

This is the fundamentals of reading, spelling and pronouncing clear English words. Students will be trained to spell words in every sound.


We prepare students from kindergarten to enter grade 7. The courses are designed for Thai children to sharpen their pronunciation, grammar, reading and vocabulary skills. We also teach them how to do cloze tests and error identification by letting them going through previous grade 7 entrance exams from everywhere.




   Welcome to Smart Kids


Our brain is divided into left and right sides. Left brain functions are to control language usage, writing, reading, math skill, reasoning, speaking, scientific skills, and the right hand.

Right brain functions are for imagination, artistic skills and controlling of the left hand.

The functions of both sides of the brains are instrumental for learning. Learning our course helps bring out the best in from both sides of the students’ brains. Students will find the special talents they did not realize. This can help boost overall skills of the students.

Our course is a great fundamental for students to develop further in the future. Therefore, learning and practicing both sides of the brain are important for basic learning.